[SciPy-user] solve_banded documentation

Giovanni Samaey Giovanni.Samaey at cs.kuleuven.be
Mon Jan 22 04:18:55 CST 2007

Dear all,

the docstring of solve_banded seems to be not correct/up-to-date, or at 
least unclear.  It is not clear which dimensions the band matrix should 
be: the example is an l+u+1 matrix, while the input parameter 
description shows its transpose.  This induces difficulties in figuring 
out which elements of the diagonals are used and which are not.

I am currently figuring out on a small example how to use this method by 
comparing to the solve method.   This should not be necessary.  (I can 
contribute docstrings later, if wanted.)

The input parameter naming in the docstring is inconsitent with the 
declaration line of the method; only adding to the confusion.

Is someone checking if the docstrings are correct when putting something 
in, and if they remain correct when methods are changed?

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