[SciPy-user] initial release of a finite element code

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 09:25:44 CST 2007

> > I know this has been rehearsed in detail, but my summary of it would
> > be, if you want your code to become _the_ standard implementation,
> > there's a considerably better chance if you have a BSD license.
> The authors of emacs, gcc, gdb, autoconf, bash, etc., etc. would be
> very surprised to hear you say that.

Ah; well I would hope that, by reading the other threads, they would
think that I was referring to library code rather than applications,
but I agree that if they just had the email above, they might think I
was being a bit gauche.

Obviously the differences between BSD and LGPL are considerably more subtle.



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