[SciPy-user] scipy data mining ?

Karl Young Karl.Young at ucsf.edu
Tue Jan 23 17:34:01 CST 2007

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the info. I suspect nothing will be quite as comprehensive as 
Weka; it has a pretty large and well established group of contributors. 
But close seems good enough re. having the convenience of a python/C++ 
package (e.g. it would be much easier for me to add methods that I was 
interested in using). You're right that getting the Orange developers 
interested in integration is probably a long shot but probably worth 
floating as nobody seems to be aware of any similar efforts that are 
numpy friendly and both user groups would benefit (but somebody would 
have to do the work...). I don't know how difficult it would be to write 
an ExampleTable to recarray converter but if the Orange developers had 
any interest in integration it might be worth investigating. 

>Hi Karl,
>I have used Orange before and it is quite good - the range of methods
>available are not as comprehensive as Weka but is much easier to write
>a script compared to using jython and weka. I would also prefer it to
>be better integrated with scipy - both in terms of code and/or
>licensing. I don't know how realistic this is but it is worth asking.
>I suspect that at least some of the code may be based on other GPL
>libraries. Also the main data class is an ExampleTable which is
>implemented in C++ and is structured quite differently to any numpy
>array - recarray is probably closest.
>Good luck,
>On 1/23/07, Karl Young <Karl.Young at ucsf.edu> wrote:
>>I'm currently using a nice Java based data mining package called Weka
>>(essentially as a black box as I don't have time to learn Java)  but was
>>looking for something more python/scipy friendly to switch to as I'd
>>prefer more interactive use. I found a python package on the web that
>>potentially looks pretty nice (Orange - http://www.ailab.si/orange) but
>>given that it uses GPL (and also given the recent discussion on license
>>issues) and doesn't look to have made any effort to be numpy/scipy
>>friendly I was wondering if anyone was aware of a more scipy friendly
>>effort. Should someone (maybe even me...) be talked into contacting the
>>Orange developers and seeing if they'd be interested in a switch to BSD
>>and a gradual evolution towards integration with numpy... ?
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Karl Young
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4150 Clement Street                   FAX:    (415) 668-2864
San Francisco, CA 94121               Email:  karl young at ucsf edu

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