[SciPy-user] displaying spherical harmonics with different resolution...

fred fredmfp at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 19:04:42 CST 2007

Robert Kern a écrit :

> Here:
>>a = scipy.special.sph_harm(m,l,phi,theta)
> You have phi and theta backwards assuming we're not using different naming
> conventions. I'll fix the docstring to be explicit about which is which. Here,
> phi is the polar angle [0, pi] and theta is the azimuthal angle [0, 2*pi].

If I use scipy.special.sph_harm(m,l,theta,phi)
(and so, permute phi & theta in cos/sin if I understand right),
it also looks wrong (as in the previous case, in fact).

Can someone try my short example, and tell if it looks right or wrong
please ?



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