[SciPy-user] What it the best way to install on a Mac?

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 18:27:51 CST 2007

Jerry wrote:
> I've been mostly lurking here for quite a while and am thinking I  
> should get some stuff installed and see what all the excitement is  
> about. I can't help but notice that some of the posts are about  
> installation problems on various platforms. I also recall (I think)  
> that someone was keeping an up-to-date installer for the Mac.

Probably Chris Fonnesbeck's Scipy Superpack.

> If so,  
> is this a "proper" Mac installer?

Yes, however, the last release of it was improperly compiled, IIRC.

> Or can I install from Fink or  
> another package-manager-type place?

I don't recommend it. Both the Python interpreter and numpy/scipy/matplotlib
tend to be broken in various ways in both Fink and MacPorts.

> I recall some discussion about  
> PyLab (?) or the like which included all the SciPy stuff and plotters  
> and that sounds like the way to go.

pylab is a particular module distributed with matplotlib exposing a particular
interface to its plotting capabilities. It has nothing to do with scipy.

> I'm mainly hoping for a low- 
> hassle installation so that I can get to the good stuff fast.

Learn to build from source. Because of the dependency on FORTRAN runtime
libraries, this is the lowest-hassle method.


Robert Kern

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