[SciPy-user] What it the best way to install on a Mac?

Chris Fonnesbeck chris at trichech.us
Wed Jan 31 08:17:39 CST 2007

Jerry wrote:
> I've been mostly lurking here for quite a while and am thinking I
> should get some stuff installed and see what all the excitement is
> about. I can't help but notice that some of the posts are about
> installation problems on various platforms. I also recall (I think)
> that someone was keeping an up-to-date installer for the Mac.

>Probably Chris Fonnesbeck's Scipy Superpack.

> If so,
> is this a "proper" Mac installer?

>Yes, however, the last release of it was improperly compiled, IIRC.

I posted a new build yesterday, which should work.

Chris Fonnesbeck + Atlanta, GA + http://trichech.us
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