[SciPy-user] PLS from chemometrics.py (PyChem)

Giorgio Luciano giorgio.luciano at chimica.unige.it
Wed Jan 31 09:10:01 CST 2007

I've contacted the author some time ago because I've wrote to the ICS if 
anyone was interested in creating a repository of free chemometrics 
software python based.
He was interested in having his software included and we keep in 
conctact because I'm "translating" matlab chemometrics routins in python.
Now he's developing version 3.0 of pychem and probably can give you 
hints about the question you asked.
I've also made modules for regression and just finished to write a 
python nipals algorithm and I'm planning also to "translate" a PLS algorithm
if you are interested i will be happy to keep in touch


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