[SciPy-user] Release 0.6.1 of pyaudio, renamed pyaudiolab

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Wed Jan 31 21:54:29 CST 2007

Rob Hetland wrote:
> pyaudiolab works on Mac OS X, but the library needs to point to  
> libsndfile.dylab instead of libsndfile.so.1.
Argh, I thought I solved the problem.
> This seems to be hardwired in the setup, and I needed to change the  
> pysndfile.py in the actual python site-packages after the install.
It is not hardcoded: the setup.py is supposed to detect the library 
extension used on the platform, and build the name of the library 
accordingly (on Mac OS X, libsndfile.dylib.1):

If you have time, I would appreciate to have the mac os X library name 
problem fixed. This is not difficult to fix, but I don't have easy 
access to mac os X, and this kind of info is not easy to find with 
simple googling. Helpful info (you can post me privately) are:

- what does python -c "from numpy.distutils.system_info import so_ext; 
print so_ext" return ?
- the name of compiled libsndfile (my understanding is that under mac os 
X, for the equivalent of shared , not dynamically loaded libraries, the 
convention is 'lib' + library_name + so_ext + '.' + 'major version', 
where library_name is sndfile, major version is 1, and so_ext '.dylib')

> Also, the example on the web page does not work exactly right.   
> setting frames to 1e4 does not work, as 1e4 is a float, not an int.   
> I think that it would make sense to coerce the frames input to an  
> integer before calling libsndfile.
Are you sure you are using the version posted on the website ? Because 
nframes are coerced into 64 bits integers for some time, now (actually, 
that was exactly the problem related to ctypes and ubuntu, where long 
long were 32 bits instead of 64).


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