[SciPy-user] sparse stuff in numpy/scipy

dmitrey openopt@ukr....
Sun Jul 1 08:46:17 CDT 2007

Hi all,
I had heard there are some sparse matrix abilities in scipy (btw don't 
you think it's better to store those one in numpy?).
However, neither dir(scipy), nor dir(numpy), nor 
http://www.scipy.org/Topical_Software doesn't tell me what should I use.
Can scipy team just decide, which way sparse stuff will be implemented? 
Either it will be own numpy/scipy package, or some 3rd-party package 
will be connected, or maybe one of well-known Fortran/C sparse libraries 
will be connected? I didn't demand any excellent benchmark results, I 
need just something working + having status of common scipy/numpy users 
standard (like matplotlib has), that will be maintained - may be not 
very intensively, but at least somehow.
And, of course, it's highly preferable to have OSI-approved license 
without copyleft.

Regards, D.

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