[SciPy-user] (Mac) Close a plot window, crash IPython?

David Warde-Farley david.warde.farley@utoronto...
Thu Jul 12 23:40:27 CDT 2007

Hi folks,

I've recently acquired myself a shiny new Mac and have vowed not to  
install Matlab on it, so I've been investigating going to SciPy  
entirely for my scientific computing needs. I installed MacPython 2.5  
and the SciPy Superpack listed on the SciPy website.

My problem is this: if I start IPython with ipython -pylab, and say,


then close the plot window, and repeat the same command, IPython  
crashes completely. Is this normal behaviour? The obvious solution is  
"don't close plot windows" but that seems rather unsatisfactory.

Any ideas, hints, fixes, workarounds?



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