[SciPy-user] (Mac) Close a plot window, crash IPython?

David Warde-Farley david.warde.farley@utoronto...
Thu Jul 12 23:57:55 CDT 2007

On 13-Jul-07, at 12:30 AM, David Cournapeau wrote:

> A crash is never a normal behaviour :)

Eh, by normal I mean "documented" I guess :)

> Indeed. The first thing would be to check whether the problem is
> matplotlib, ipython or scipy: If you repeat arange with the same
> arguments as given to the plot command, do you have any crash ? If you
> plot several times the same figure but in a script run by python  
> instead
> of ipython, does it crash to ?

Plotting several times in the same figure isn't a problem, even at  
the interpreter. The problem seems to be closing the plot window, and  
issuing a command that tries to communicate with it i.e. using clf()  
will cause a crash as well. I've been able to reproduce this at a  
normal python interpreter with

from pylab import *
ion() # interactive mode, accomplished with -pylab in ipython
# Close the window when the plot appears
plot(arange(0,9),arange(0,9)) # or any other plotting command like clf 
(), I've also tried hist()


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