[SciPy-user] (Mac) Close a plot window, crash IPython?

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Fri Jul 13 13:57:39 CDT 2007

David Warde-Farley wrote:

> So, I installed wxPython 2.6 from http://pythonmac.org/packages/py25- 
> fat/index.html and tried my luck with "backend : WXAgg" in  
> ~/.matplotlib/.matplotlibrc , and this behaviour does not occur  
> (there is another small bug but it's far less annoying). So I'm  
> guessing it's specific to the TK-based backends. The question is,  
> does it happen on other platforms, or is it something to do with the  
> Mac (or MacPython) bindings to Tk, or is it some unexpected condition  
> that matplotlib isn't handling correctly. I think we can at least  
> rule out IPython being at fault.

This looks like a matplotlib problem rather than one with numpy or scipy. You
might have better luck asking on the matplotlib list.


Robert Kern

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