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Sun Jul 15 17:03:00 CDT 2007

Robert Kern wrote:
> Lev Givon wrote:
>> Received from Lev Givon on Wed, Jul 04, 2007 at 08:14:21PM EDT:
>> (snip)
>>> Insofar as the item that prompted my first message is concerned, I
>>> desire a filter design function similar to others currently
>>> available in scipy to facilitate the construction of FIR filters
>>> with the Remez algorithm (i.e., something similar to the remezord or
>>> firpmord functions in Matlab) given some typical design parameters
>>> (e.g., band cutoff frequencies, ripple constraints, etc.). As the
>>> relevant algorithms needed by such a filter design function are not
>>> overly complicated, I could look them up an appropriate DSP text or
>>> paper and try implementing them completely from scratch (unless some
>>> generous soul reading this list has already done so :-)
>>>    	       	   	    		     	  L.G.
very good, although not very efficient, FIR filters are my favorits.
>> I finished implementing and testing the aforementioned filter design
>> algorithms. May I add the code directly to Lib/signal/filter_design.py
>> (where similar functions are defined)? Or can I create my own corner
>> in the sandbox and put the functions in there for folks to examine and
>> test before they are moved into the aforementioned file?
> To clarify, did you implement them from scratch, or did you use the Matlab
> source?
Although I don't know the MatLab sources,
but I bet MatLab used thé Fortran source code already known for many 
decades ;-)
For the record: The Remez algorithm (Remez 1934),
and Parks and McClellan (1972) were the first who described and 
implemented the algorithm.

Stef Mientki

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