[SciPy-user] Numerical Recipes robust fit implementation

Angus McMorland amcmorl@gmail....
Mon Jul 16 00:45:27 CDT 2007

Hi all,

I'm in need of a robust linear-fit algorithm- Numerical Recipes (in C)
medfit routine will do nicely. I've had a quick look and don't see any
similar routines in scipy. Is there one I'm missing?

If not, I'd lke to implement the NR routine for use with my
numpy-arrayed data. What are my options? Obviously I could translate
the routine into python, but I realise a potentially easier
alternative is to interface the existing NR C code. Having never done
that before, can someone give me some pointers/tips on how to start -
there's quite a range of linking tools listed on


AJC McMorland, PhD Student
Physiology, University of Auckland

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