[SciPy-user] changes in scipy.optimization.tnc (v 1.2 to 1.3)

dmitrey openopt@ukr....
Wed Jul 18 04:11:48 CDT 2007

Hi all,
(excuse my English)
I was asked to connect tnc 1.3 instead of the v 1.2 that is present in 
scipy svn for now (ticket 296).
Let me remember you that tnc is a routine for solving box-bounded 
non-linear optimization problems

subjected to
lb <=x <= ub
(you should use None if some lb-ub coords are absent)

Before closing the ticket I want to note that it will not provide 
backward compability (and hear your suggestions if they will be 
obtained), because some things had been changed in tnc, see below some 
statements from /tnc/HISTORY (please pay attention to the lines 
"Warning: API changes"):

# TNC Release History
# $Jeannot: HISTORY,v 1.15 2005/01/28 18:27:31 js Exp $

01/28/2005, V1.3   : Fix a bug in the anti-zigzaging mechanism (many thanks
                     to S.G. NASH).
                     Warning: API changes: refined stopping criterions 
                     pgtol). ftol is no more relative to the value of f.
                     new parameter offset to translate the coordinates
04/18/2004, V1.2.5 : n==0 is now valid
04/14/2004, V1.2.4 : Fix a potential bug in the Python interface 
04/14/2004, V1.2.3 : Fix a bug in the Python interface (reference counting)
04/13/2004, V1.2.2 : Fix a bug in the Python interface (memory allocation)
04/13/2004, V1.2.1 : Fix a bug in the Python interface (scaling ignored)
04/03/2004, V1.2   : Memory allocation checks

HTH, Dmitrey.

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