[SciPy-user] leastsq and fitting quality

Emanuele Zattin emanuelez@gmail....
Wed Jul 18 14:44:03 CDT 2007

i've been looking over the net and in the archives of this mailing
list, but without any conclusive result so here i am asking it again
i'm using leastsq many times to perform star detection over an
astronomical image. i can see that usually the result is very
satisfying, but sometimes some bad result comes out. i would like to
be able to find those cases so that i can handle the situation.
i tried analysing the residuals, or their sum, but it does not seem to
be a particularly good solution. maybe the covariance matrix in the
extended output contains some useful information, but so far i was not
able to use it properly. do u have any hint?

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