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BK lists@benair....
Mon Jul 23 03:36:01 CDT 2007

Thank you, that was a fast reply!

The file object is indeed kept open with your fix. However, the read
cursor is still at eof after calling array_import and not at the end of
the data array just read. I have to manually seek this position.
Considering I specify the number of lines to be read by array_import, is
it possible to leave the read position at the end of these lines?


Am Montag, den 23.07.2007, 01:59 -0500 schrieb Robert Kern:
> BK wrote:
> > Is there any way to change this behaviour?
> I just checked in a change to allow this. If you pass it a file object instead
> of a filename, it will not close the file object.

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