[SciPy-user] Matplotlib transformations?

Frank Horowitz frank.horowitz@csiro...
Tue Jul 24 05:59:01 CDT 2007

Hi All,

I have a visualization problem that I need to solve,  I think that  
the matplotlib transforms module might do the trick, but want the  
opinion of any matplotlib experts out there whether I'm going down a  
blind alley before investing too much time into hacking...

I need to convert a "few time step" but multiple value visualization  
from an animation to a single figure for publication. (It's to do  
with flow along a network, so spatial layout is quite important.)

The best guess I currently have as to an acceptable visual display is  
something like a "skewed" bar graph for each component of the time  
series. In other words, take a normal rectangular bar graph/time- 
series and affine transform the bounding box so that it is deformed  
to a parallelogram.

Is a strategy of building the bar-graph, then applying an affine  
transform, then plotting a viable strategy in the context of MPL 0.87.7?

If not, I'm quite open to suggestions!

TIA for any sage advice you might have!

	Frank Horowitz

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