[SciPy-user] reading .mat-files (Matlab 7)

Stef Mientki s.mientki@ru...
Wed Jul 25 16:05:15 CDT 2007

> No problem with the svn version. It's time for a new
> release ...
this would be very welcome, ...
... I don't understand svn
... I didn't even knew there was a "loadmat"
I translated my scripts by hand :-(

I think it would be very nice for those who consider switching from MatLab,
that the first line they read is "and there is a M-file conversion tool".
When I was looking for something different from MatLab,
I found 2 candidates: SciPy and SciLab.
Scipy had the advantage of better embedding (SciLab was just beginning),
which was important for me (but not for most people coming from MatLab).
SciLab had the advantage of a good M-file converter (I couldn't find it 
in SciPy),
which is important for most people coming from MatLab.

btw: I'm still very interesting in the "good" MatLab converter,
(where and how to install )
because it gives me more arguments to convice my colleagues.

Stef Mientki

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