[SciPy-user] using imread...

fred fredmfp@gmail....
Thu Jul 26 15:05:42 CDT 2007

Hi all,

I have to read some data got from a scan, ie data are printed on paper, 
then scanned.

Before to begin, I want to test some stuff, of course, ie make some test
on an image I know, and compare the results with the original. 

1) I have a data (scipy array) that I know.
2) I create a png file from this array using matplotlib, mayavi, etc.
3) I read this png file with imread().
4) This creates a scipy array I read and dump to a png file
with matplotlib/mayavi, following the cookbook.

Obviously,  the png created in 2) and the png created in 4) are not the 
Scalar values of the png created in 4) ranges from 0 to 1, that's ok,
but even rescaled, I don't get the same values as the original.  

So, what am I doing wrong ?

Any pointer, url, are welcome.




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