[SciPy-user] Memory problems with stats.mannwhitneyu

Martin Blom vaftrudner@gmail....
Thu Jul 26 15:41:29 CDT 2007

I need to do lots and lots of mannwhitneyu-tests and my programs keep
running out of memory so something is wrong somewhere. When I run, for

from scipy.stats import mannwhitneyu

x = [2,4,8,3]
y = [1,3,5,6]

while True:
    u,p = mannwhitneyu(x,y)

and run top to look at the memory used by python it just keeps increasing
until I run out. Does anyone who understands the inner workings of the stats
module know what's happening? Or is it that my little loop doesn't release
memory in some way? I've been using mannwhitneyu for some time now, and I
haven't noticed the problem until now, which might mean that I've had enough
memory to get by until now or that there is a recent error, which seems
unlikely when I look at the changelog.

yours confusedly,
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