[SciPy-user] Memory problems with stats.mannwhitneyu

Martin Blom vaftrudner@gmail....
Thu Jul 26 16:15:25 CDT 2007

Well, yes, it does run forever as it stands. I don't see how that would make
it eat all my memory though. The problem is not that it uses memory per se,
it is that the amount of memory used continues to increase until I run out,
and I don't see why that is.

The below script is just the last stage of my attempt at debugging. My real
program is much longer and trickier and does 18 million slightly different
u-tests, but the memory issue is the same for both, and I didn't want to
complicate the mail with a lot of unnecessary stuff.

thank you

2007/7/26, Pierre GM <pgmdevlist@gmail.com>:
> A silly question, but how do you exit this loop ?
> > while True:
> >     u,p = mannwhitneyu(x,y)
> Unless you omitted some important part of your script, this loop will keep
> on
> running.
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