[SciPy-user] google group

Vincent Nijs v-nijs@kellogg.northwestern....
Tue Jul 31 09:51:29 CDT 2007


I can't find any information about setting up a 'gateway' to the scipy list
in Google groups. Making a new group looks easy but that is not the idea.

Do you know who setup the numpy group?


On 7/30/07 11:31 PM, "Robert Kern" <robert.kern@gmail.com> wrote:

> Vincent Nijs wrote:
>> Is there a reason why the numpy list is available as a Google group and the
>> scipy list is not? It would be great to have both available as Google
>> groups.
> Someone decided to request a Google Groups gateway for numpy-discussion, but
> they didn't care about the scipy lists. If you would like to make such a
> gateway, please do! Just be sure to pay attention to it. The first I had heard
> about the Google Groups gateway for numpy-discussion was just after we moved
> the
> list from sourceforge.net, and the Google Groups info hadn't been updated!

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