[SciPy-user] How to solve name mangling ?

Steve Schmerler elcorto@gmx....
Fri Jun 8 06:45:15 CDT 2007

Stef Mientki wrote:

>  From the viewpoint of the non-programmer,
> who just wants to drive their car (without wanting to have a look inside 
> the car),
> there is still no good answer :-(

If you use a programming language to solve problems, you are programming 
-- so you are a programmer in my view. If you don't want to do that 
(consider yourself a non-programmer), you have to use "tools" like 
LabView. I agree that there is a whole lot of documentation out there 
for scipy&friends which can be somewhat overwhelming at the begining. 
That's why there are lists like this one where you can get the right 

If you want to drive the car, you have to learn driving first. If you 
want to be a good driver, you have to practise a bit more and also know 
  the internals of you car in some detail. If you are "just a driver", 
you will never have the driving skills to acomplish something 
outstanding (like winning a race).

If you use a language (Python, C, whatever) and libraries for that 
language to acomplish something more complex (e.g. a project with more 
than one source file), you have to read documentation, experiment, get 
used, make mistakes, ask poeple for help. That's how things work. 
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a solve-my-problem-button :)

OK enough with that. Just start using the namespace thing properly and 
you'll see that will pay off for you in long run. Happy coding :)


Random number generation is the art of producing pure gibberish as 
quickly as possible.

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