[SciPy-user] Building SciPy under SUSE 10.2 using Intel icc 10 and ifort 10

rex rex@nosyntax....
Sun Jun 10 22:29:10 CDT 2007

I've managed to build NumPy 1.0.3 from source using the Intel icc
compiler and the Intel MKL, and now I'm trying for SciPy. Reading the
archives looking for help I found this:

Daniel Nogradi nogradi@gmail....
Sat May 19 12:03:49 CDT 2007

> > I have the following installed on a Fedora 3 box:
> > and am trying to do a fresh install of scipy-0.5.2 but "python
> > setup.py build_ext" is complaining about a missing f95 executable and
> > ld about missing dfftpack .....
> Pearu Peterson wrote:
> You can ignore messages about missing f95 executable, they are just
> parts of compiler detection tools.
> Libraries dfftpack and others are  built with build_clib command,
> so sole build_ext is not enough. Use
>   python build
> to build scipy.

Thanks very much, indeed, build_clib, build_ext, build works (in this order).

LAPACK and BLAS built successfully with the Intel compilers (details on
SciPy-dev) using modifications of Steve Baum's instructions at:


But every combination of options I can think of for the CL build of
SciPy (recent svn) fails with one of two error messages:

python setup.py  build_clib --compiler=intel --fcompiler=intel build_ext --compiler=intel --fcompiler=intel build >inst12
error: file 'dfftpack/*.f' does not exist

python setup.py  build_clib --compiler=intel --fcompiler=intel
error: file 'dfftpack/*.f' does not exist

python setup.py  build --compiler=intel --fcompiler=intel
error: '_fftpackmodule.c' missing

Any help appreciated, thanks,


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