[SciPy-user] Problems installing scipy in SuSE 10.2

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Wed Jun 13 02:07:38 CDT 2007

Nils Wagner wrote:
> Hi David,
> I use g77 on opensuse 10.2 without any problem.
> I have deinstalled gcc-fortran before the installation of LAPACK/ATLAS,
> numpy/scipy.
You definitely can do it, but as this is not the default compiler, you 
may have problems with other packages. As long as you compile everything 
by yourself, this is fine, but if you need something compiled by the 
default fortran compiler, this is tricky.

If you remove g77, you are already sure that everything is compiled by 
g77 and not gfortran, which is helpful, indeed.
> compat-g77 works fine for me. The problem was fixed some month ago.
> IIRC Robert K. didn't recommend the usage of gfortran. Is it still valid ?
I don't know the context where R. Kern told that, and he knows better 
than me for sure, but I think this depends on the distribution you're 
using; I compiled everything with gfortran for suse and fedora on 
ashigabou, because that's the default compiler. On debian based 
(including Ubuntu), definitely, g77 is the best choice, specially since 
everything is packaged correctly, so compiling dependencies is not needed.


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