[SciPy-user] 3D density calculation

Chris Lee c.j.lee@tnw.utwente...
Fri Jun 15 14:26:25 CDT 2007

Hi everyone,

I was hoping this list could point me in the direction of a more  
efficient solution to a problem I have.

I have 4 vectors: x, y, z, and t that are about 1 million in length  
that describe the positions of photons.  As my simulation progresses  
it updates the positions so x, y, z, and t change by an unknown (and  
unknowable) amount every update.

This worked very well for its original purpose but now I need to  
calculate the photon density change over time.  Currently after each  
update, I iterate over time slices, x slices, and y slices and then  
make an histogram of z which I then stitch together to create a  
density.  However, this becomes very slow as the photons spread out  
in space and time.

Does anyone know how to take such a large vector set and return a  
density efficiently?


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