[SciPy-user] lagrange multipliers in python

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Mon Jun 18 08:56:10 CDT 2007

Christian K wrote:

 >> I have found COBYLA(http://www.jeannot.org/~js/code/index.en.html#COBYLA),
 >> and it has a Python interface, which make it very easy to use.
 > You seem not to be aware that cobyla is part of scipy:
 > scipy.optimize.fmin_cobyla
 > Christian
Oh, my God!

I have studied fmin_l_bfgs_b, fmin_tnc, and fmin_cobyla before, but I
don't quit understand the "cons" parameter for fmin_cobyla after I have
found COBYLA and have seen the example shipped with it.

It seems that the interface of fmin_cobyla is a little different with
that is provided with COBYLA. Anyway, it doesn't matter and I think
fmin_cobyla is what I want.

Thanks :-)

Xiao Jianfeng

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