[SciPy-user] Problems building scipy from svn

Guillem Borrell Nogueras guillemborrell@gmail....
Tue Jun 19 05:49:39 CDT 2007


I am trying to build scipy from source and I get this error message

building extension "scipy.fftpack._fftpack" sources
>   target build/src.linux-x86_64-2.5/_fftpackmodule.c does not exist:
>    Assuming _fftpackmodule.c was generated with "build_src --inplace"
> command.
> error: '_fftpackmodule.c' missing

This happens for every module, if I disable the fftpack subpackage in
Lib/setup.py I get this

building extension "scipy.integrate.vode" sources
>   target build/src.linux-x86_64-2.5/vodemodule.c does not exist:
>    Assuming vodemodule.c was generated with "build_src --inplace" command.
> error: 'vodemodule.c' missing

I am able to  build every single subpackage.

[guillem@sisyphus scipy]$ cd Lib/fftpack/
> [guillem@sisyphus fftpack]$ python setup.py build
>  (...)
> ok

I got the same message on two different computers and I can't find any

Any ideas?

Thanks, guillem
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