[SciPy-user] nonlinear fit with non uniform error?

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Thu Jun 21 07:31:24 CDT 2007

Matthieu Brucher ha scritto:
>     I guess you refer to the distribution of the error for *each single
>     point*, not the distribution of the average error in the dataset for
>     different points. In this case yes, it is Gaussian, so there should be
>     no problem.

> It is the distribution for all errors. If it is the same distribution 
> for all points, OK with least squares. If it is not, you have to scale 
> the points so that the errors follow the same gaussian law.

Sigh, there is some misunderstanding between us (surely due to my utter 

Imagine I have three data points, A B C.
Usually, if the error is uniform (on Y) can be:
Ay +/- 5
By +/- 5
Cy +/- 5

In my case it is:
Ay +/- 5
By +/- 7
Cy +/- 11

Now, the error in all those three cases behaves gaussianly, but with 
different widths.

1)Does this mean that least squares is NOT ok?
2)What does "rescaling" mean in this context?


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