[SciPy-user] Ubuntu Feisty upgrade problems

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Thu Jun 21 20:46:24 CDT 2007

Ryan Krauss wrote:

> meaning the seg fault is from scipy.cluster.  If I uncomment out the
> to pop lines (not testing scipy.cluster or scipy.weave) I get no
> errors.
> I don't use cluster that I can think of, but I would prefer a
> completely working scipy installation.
> Can someone please help me with this?

David Cournapeau has been making changes to scipy.cluster. Someone else has been
seeing similar problems, but David hasn't been able to reproduce them, IIRC.
Please coordinate with him and provide some more details about your platform
(CPU, g++ version, SWIG version, etc.). Thanks.

Robert Kern

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