[SciPy-user] Integer to binary [Was: Fitting sphere to 3d data points]

Franck Kalala Mutombo franckm@aims.ac...
Fri Mar 2 15:31:27 CST 2007

Jan Groenewald wrote:
> Hi Franck
> When you post, please don't reply to another thread of messages with
> a good descriptive subject. Your message not only gets lost by any
> email client that sorts by threads (mails with the same subject matter)
> it also annoys some readers who use this feature.
> Please start a blank message if you have a new question, and give it
> a descriptive subject.
> On Fri, Mar 02, 2007 at 12:15:50PM +0200, Franck Kalala Mutombo wrote:
>> I have a sequence of decimal number (1,2,...16) for example, I want if
>> there is any function  which can convert each one in binary.
> A quick google of int2bin+python found this:
> def int2bin(num, width=32):
>     return ''.join(['%c'%(ord('0')+bool((1<<k)&num)) for k in range((width-1),-1,-1)])
> cheers,
> Jan
Dear Jan

Thank you for your advices and for your help.



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