[SciPy-user] Best way to structure dynamic system-of-systems simulations?

philfarm@fastma... philfarm@fastma...
Fri Mar 2 22:27:56 CST 2007

I'm looking for any pointers on the best way to to structure the
simulation of a system composed of subsystems, i.e., I want to build my
system model as an assemblage of component models, where some components
may use as U values the Y values from other components. Each of the
components can be modeled in state-space form, i.e.:

X_dot = A(X,U,t)
    Y = B(X,U,t)

where A and B are matrix functions (not necessarily linear).

Is anyone using any sort of framework to simplify this task? What's the
best approach?

If it makes any difference, I've been using odeint.


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