[SciPy-user] Optimization Working only with a Specific Expression of the input Parameters

Christian Kristukat ckkart@hoc....
Fri Mar 2 23:53:40 CST 2007

Lorenzo Isella wrote:
> Hi Brandon,
> Thanks for your advice, but I am a bit confused: myvar1 is simply a 
> fitting parameter (i.e. it is used to return an output), nothing is 
> stored in it to start from.
 > It is not an array. Furthermore, I have to say that if I define the
> error function as the absolute difference between my data and the 
> function I want to use for the fitting, then the code executes even 
> without raising any parameter to the second power, but returns nonsense 
> (negative variance and so on).
> Instead, without the abs(), I still get the same problem mentioned in my 
> previous email.

Can you post your code, including the data?


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