[SciPy-user] RE : Re: odeint-lsoda

Robert VERGNES robert.vergnes@yahoo...
Sat Mar 3 03:05:40 CST 2007

I looked in the site package before but can't see anything ..
All tests from the tests folder work, but 
I don't understand how the odepack links to the odeint (albeit i see the def...). And can't find any file lsoda.py (or .f)

I probably missed something...?

Donald Fredkin <drfredkin@ucsd.edu> a écrit : Robert VERGNES wrote:

> is there a manual for odeint and lsoda ?

You can view the source code for lsoda on netlib. The extensive
comments at the head of the source file are clear and complete. Odeint
is just a wrapper for lsoda, so when you understand what lsoda is doing
you will be all set.

In your case, you might simply be computing for to coarse a mesh in t,
so "too much work" has to be done for each step. The error message
tells you what value of t was reached before lsoda gave up.


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