[SciPy-user] new repository for free software and forum community started

Giorgio Luciano giorgio.luciano@chimica.unige...
Mon Mar 5 04:50:42 CST 2007

Dear All
I'm happy and proud to announce that a repository for free chemometric 
software (in particular Python oriented) has started.
at www.chemometrics.it

Some time ago I've  sent an email to the ICS  asking if anybody knows 
the esistence of a python repository for chemometrics,
I had a positive feedback from the community and with the help of other 
chemometricians I've decided to  gather  free
software available for doing common chemometric tasks.

In the site you will also find a forum where to discuss

-> theoretical aspects of chemometrics
-> job opportunities and cooperation with other chemometricians
-> software request/news

I've tried to link to existing sites that already give a huge contribute 
to chemometrics (KVL,Chemometrics.se just to cite two of them)
but I will be very glad if you would like to contribute with your own links

I hope this initiave could help to spread chemometrics and the use of 
free routine/software for chemometrics but that
it also will become a place of discussion for anybody interested.
Obviously we need your help and enthusiasm.

If you would like to upload software links, routines etc, just register 
for free and do it, it's just so easy and you are very encouraged to do it.

The initiave is just at its beginning so feel free to report any 
technical problem
Any kind of feedback is appreciated

Since it's a no profit personal initiave (I bought the domain and the 
rent the hosting)  finally let me say that any mirroring or hosting  
will be greatly appreciated.
I hope that this initiative will be useful ;)

Best Regards

Giorgio Luciano

Dr Giorgio Luciano Ph.D.
Di.C.T.F.A. Dipartimento di Chimica e Tecnologie Farmaceutiche e Alimentari
Via Brigata Salerno (ponte) - 16147 Genova (GE) - Italy
email luciano@dictfa.unige.it

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