[SciPy-user] Arrayfns in numpy?

Travis Oliphant oliphant@ee.byu....
Tue Mar 6 10:43:27 CST 2007

Stephen Kelly wrote:
> I'm missing arrayfns.interp. It would be a shame to have to depend on 
> either Numeric or Scipy for such a trivial but useful function. I'll 
> see about implementing something like it myself. I have the module 
> source code, but installing C modules in python is a little beyond 
> what I know how to do with it.
It is easy enough to just pull interp out.  Some of the functions in 
arrayfns are in numpy.lib already (in the _compiled_base.c module. 

Perhaps we could put interp in there as well (it doesn't look too big). 
  A simple 1-d interpolation would probably be a useful thing to have in 
NumPy.   What do others think?


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