[SciPy-user] Arrayfns in numpy?

Alan Isaac aisaac@american....
Wed Mar 7 09:14:39 CST 2007

Matthieu Brucher wrote:
> I'm opposed to this as well, interpolation is not linear algebra, it is
> signal processing, and as Souheil said, why not nd-interpolation with
> B-Splines then ?

I am not taking sides on this issue, but I do
take issue with trying to settle it with this
kind of "argument".  A rhetorical question does
not set out the issues.  For example, treating
a rhetorical question as a real question for a
moment, one might respond that a simple 1-d
interpolation would
- find wide use among people who need nothing more
- enhance backward compatibility
- impose minimum maintenance requirements

Again, I am not taking sides on the issue, so I
am in no way suggesting that such points are
decisive.  However opposition that fails to
address such points is hardly decisive either.

My point of reference would be: if it is likely
to drain even modest developer effort away from
core NumPy issues, then it is harmful. Otherwise
it is harmless as long as it introduces no new

Alan Isaac

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