[SciPy-user] tvtk GL2PS

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu@aero.iitb.ac...
Wed Mar 7 22:34:31 CST 2007

>>>>> "Jelle" == Jelle Feringa / EZCT Architecture & Design Research <jelle.feringa@ezct.net> writes:

    Jelle> Hi, Currently I'm using the enthon (win32, 2.4) 1.0.0
    Jelle> release, which is terrific!

Thanks to Bryce and the enthought build team (or is that a one man
army?)  for all their work!

    Jelle> Though there is a minor, but to me important glitch in
    Jelle> (t)vtk; 
    Jelle> Saving as a vector PS/EPS/PDF/TeX file using GL2PS is
    Jelle> either not supported by your version of VTK or you have not
    Jelle> configured VTK to work with GL2PS -- read the documentation
    Jelle> for the vtkGL2PSExporter class.
    Jelle> Which is really too bad.

This would require Bryce to build VTK with the VTK_USE_GL2PS flag set
to on for the next release.  There are no other dependencies that this
brings up.

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