[SciPy-user] difficulties compiling the arpack module from the sandbox

Adam Malinowski bratona@yahoo.co...
Wed Mar 14 00:33:37 CDT 2007

Robert Kern <robert.kern <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Adam Malinowski wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > I am having a lot of difficulty building the arpack module from the scipy 
> > sandbox, running windows 2000 and using mingw with cygwin. I have compiled 
> > numpy and scipy (latest svn) with no problems, and have sucessfully 
installed a 
> > number of scipy sandboxed modules by running the command: 'python setup.py 
> > build --compiler=mingw32 install', in the root of the module.
> That won't work. build doesn't take a --compiler option. Try these (pardon the
> linebreaks):
>   $ python setup.py build_src build_clib --compiler=mingw32 build_ext
> --compiler=mingw32 build
>   $ python setup.py install

Many thanks for your help Robert, though I appear to have solved the problem 

To my embarrassment, the problem seems to be simply that somewhere the path to 
the *.h files is incorrect (as indicated in the error message "Unable to open 
INCLUDE file"). To solve the problem I copied the files into the arpack root 
directory. Not ideal, since I don't understand what I should have done, but it 

Also, the build command did work with "--compiler=mingw32", as I used it 
successfully before seeing your reply, I guess it knows to pass it to 

Thanks again, 

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