[SciPy-user] Best way to structure dynamic system-of-systems simulations?

Rob Clewley rhc28@cornell....
Wed Mar 14 09:47:41 CDT 2007


I'd happily give you some direction to get this working in PyDSTool,
which is the only python framework I know of that will give you this
kind of functionality. It will certainly run a lot faster than odeint.
Before branching out on your own, perhaps you'd consider talking to me
about solving your problem with our code, so that you can give us
constructive feedback about it. If people make the effort to
communicate with us we can speed up the maturation process. You can
offer us code too if you want to get more involved. We provide a
couple of example scripts for systems built from modular components in
the way you describe (PyDSTool/tests/ModelSpec_test.py and CIN.py).


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