[SciPy-user] from maple to scipy/numpy

Daniel Nogradi nogradi@gmail....
Mon Mar 19 05:28:13 CDT 2007

[I sent this message to c.l.p and was told to come here]

I'm just getting started with numpy/scipy and first would like to get
a view of what it can do and what it can't. The main idea is to move
from maple to python and the first thing that poped up is the fact
that maple is very convenient for both formal manipulations and exact
integer calculations. For instance if a matrix has integer entries and
the eigenvalues are integers maple can find these exactly.

Can numpy/scipy do this? Or the eigenvalues will always be floating
point numbers?

A more general question, to what extent can numpy/scipy do symbolic
(formal) manipulations? (I know this is rather vague, but for those of
you who are familiar with maple/mathematica I guess it's clear.)

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