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Jan Groenewald jan@aims.ac...
Mon Mar 19 05:42:38 CDT 2007


On Mon, Mar 19, 2007 at 11:37:58AM +0100, bruno wrote:
> though I am rather new to python/scipy I think it is more focalized on 
> numerical calculation than on symbolical calculation. A more straight 
> forward replacement for Maple would be Maxima I think.
> http://maxima.sourceforge.net/

SAGE is probably what you need. It integrates maxima, Gap, NLT, 
Pari-GP, with python and scipy.


To install on debian-based systems (binary):

Or elsewhere:

Their blurb:
SAGE is free open source math software that supports research and teaching in algebra, geometry, number theory, cryptography, numerical computation, and related areas. Both the SAGE development model and the technology in SAGE itself is distinguished by an extremely strong emphasis on openness, community, cooperation, and collaboration: we are building the car, not reinventing the wheel. Our overall goal is to create a viable free open source alternative to commercial mathematics software.

SAGE includes the following core software:

Group theory and combinatorics 	GAP, NetworkX
Symbolic computation and Calculus 	Maxima
Commutative algebra 	Singular
Number theory 	PARI, MWRANK, NTL
Graphics 	Matplotlib
Numerical methods 	GSL, Numpy
Mainstream programming language 	Python
Interactive shell 	IPython
Graphical User Interface 	The SAGE Notebook
Versioned Source Tracking 	Mercurial HG

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