[SciPy-user] can basearray using somehow be tried already?

Karol Langner karol.langner@kn...
Sat Mar 24 07:39:40 CDT 2007

On Friday 23 of March 2007 20:47, Robert Kern wrote:
> dmitrey wrote:
> > Thank you  Robert, I had read its before. As I understood from
> > some links like
> > http://wiki.python.org/moin/CodingProjectIdeas/PythonCore ,
> > basearray was intended to be added in Python 2.6.
> Ah. That project idea seems to have been kept over from last year where
> this was actually a project that someone attempted. You linked to the
> student's application previously. See my response to that post for why it's
> not quite the project you think it is, why I think it is dead, and what is
> replacing it.

I am the one that attempted that project, without success. I added a short 
annotation to the SciPy wiki project page from last year.


written by Karol Langner
Sat Mar 24 13:38:08 CET 2007

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