[SciPy-user] Arrayfns in numpy?

Stephen Kelly steveire@gmail....
Mon Mar 26 11:59:16 CDT 2007

Here is the function I'm using after the advice of Alok Singhal above.
Just thought I'd post it in case someone else is looking for similar.

def interp(y_values, x_values, new_x_values):
  """ Perform interpolation similar to deprecated arrayfns.interp in Numeric.

  interp(y, x, z) = y(z) interpolated by treating y(x) as piecewise fcn.
  x = array(x_values, dtype='float')
  y = array(y_values, dtype='float')

  xx = array(new_x_values, dtype='float')
  # High indices
  hi = searchsorted(x, xx)

  # Low indices
  lo = hi - 1

  slopes = (y[hi] - y[lo])/(x[hi] - x[lo])

  # Interpolated data
  yy = y[lo] + slopes*(xx - x[lo])
  return yy

It gives almost identical results for my data, except for points out
of range for which it creates zeros unlike arrayfns.

Thanks again for the help.


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