[SciPy-user] Another memory quirk

Anand Patil anand.prabhakar.patil@gmail....
Fri Nov 2 20:40:23 CDT 2007

Hi all,

Not sure if this is related to my last post but the script below leaks
memory like mad... PLEASE DON'T RUN IT, I don't want to be responsible for
crashing your computer!

Is there any safe way to store a ravelled view of an array in a subclass
like this? I'm using the ravelled view inside a very tight loop & would
rather not spend time calling ravel() if possible.

Many thanks in advance,

from numpy import *
from PyMC import *

class MyArray(ndarray):

for i in xrange(1000):


    A = A.view(MyArray)

    # If I uncomment this and run it, a huge memory leak ensues.
    # A._ravelled = A.ravel()
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