[SciPy-user] nullclines for nonlinear ODEs

Mark Heslep mark@mitre....
Sat Nov 3 20:08:45 CDT 2007

John Hunter wrote:
> In a workshop on scientific computing in python  I ran with Andrew
> Straw last weekend at the Claremont Colleges, I presented a unit on
> ODEs, numerically integrating the Lotka-Volterra equations, drawing a
> direction field, plotting a trajectory in the  phase plane, and
> plotting the nullclines.  For the nullclines, I used matplotlib's
> contouring routine with levels=[0], but I was wondering if there was a
> better/more direct route.
Anyone care to comment on scipy's useability for solving ODEs versus, 
say, Mathematica or Matlab?  I'm not very familiar w/ either of the 'M' 
packages, but may have them forced on me soon unless I'm able to say, 
no, we are better off w/ scipy for user metric 1, 2, ...  If scipy comes 
up short in some way, sign me up as able and willing to help.  Apologies 
for hijacking your thread, your example is perfect.


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