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Sun Nov 4 07:01:02 CST 2007

> As I said - the use of Matlab was necessary to include the code for the
> various descriptors introduced in the paper - unfortunately Scipy code
> would not have been accepted (I know this for a fact). The Python software
> used in this paper was much more complex than the Matlab one-liners - I
> had
> to process the recordings and do the calculations. Also, I had to write a
> speparate program to produce the animation. Of course this software was
> not
> converted to Matlab - just the mathematical expressions.

In my field, the same problem arises with a Matlab toolbox, SPM. You can't
write an article without using this toolbox, especially if you want to
publish it in NeuroImage (the editor in chief is one of the writter of the

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