[SciPy-user] Scipy + Vision = LabView

Jose Unpingco unpingco.jose@gmail....
Sun Nov 4 09:13:06 CST 2007


I put the tutorial together, and I plan to do more along these lines.
My interest is in using VISION as  a framework for a detailed
communications simulation, although up to this point, VISION has been
primarily used as a tool in chemistry and biology.

I plan to write certain communications and signal processing
components based upon scipy and integrate them into VISION as a
distinct block set (i.e. component library). The developers of VISION
are situated nearby and I am looking forward to that collaboration.

Progress will be announced on the VISION mailing list
(http://mgldev.scripps.edu/mailman/listinfo/vision) and on my blog
(http://www.osc.edu/blogs/index.php/sip), but not on this list to
avoid polluting it.

As always,  I appreciate your criticism.


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