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Etienne Gaudrain et.gaudrain@free...
Sun Nov 4 10:02:49 CST 2007

Is there any attempt to merge this project with http://neuralensemble.org/ ?


Matthew Brett a écrit :
> Hi,
> Hmm - I'm in the same field, and trying to work out a way to fix this with:
> http://neuroimaging.scipy.org
> The problem is not as silly as it seems.  Neuroimaging is moderately
> complex, and it's difficult for reviewers to understand what has been
> done if you have used a variety of software packages.  The advantage
> of SPM, in this case, is that the code for the neuroimaging part is
> open source (GPL), it covers the whole range of processing (more or
> less), and it's fairly easy to extend.  The disadvantage is that - you
> need matlab - and that matlab is so clunky as a programming language
> that it deals very badly with the increasing need for complexity,
> meaning it is harder and harder to develop in SPM as time goes by.
> Our thought was that the only way out of this was to develop a system
> that would allow you to call the core algorithms of SPM within python,
> and develop new ones that you could validate against SPM (and other
> tools) as the standard.  But it's hard work getting that right,
> because our community is so fragmented.
> Best,
> Matthew
> Matthew
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